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Injury Care in Vadnais Heights

Start healing today and get back to your active lifestyle!

Here at Benz Chiropractic, we address all patient conditions and specialize in treating sports-related and personal injuries. Are you suffering from an injury? Just want to feel like you again? We can help.

We love helping with all sorts of injuries, including:

  • Workers compensation. Get the care you need and deserve.
  • Auto injuries. Heal thoroughly from the inside, out.
  • Sports and athletic injuries. Get back in the game!
  • Personal injury patients. We’ll help you get back to the things you love.
  • Athletes and fitness groups. We’ll give health tips for your best life.

Benefits of Chiropractic Healing

We offer one-on-one care to help you heal in the most effective, efficient way possible. Our patients often tell us that they appreciate the hands-on and responsive care of chiropractic, which they don’t experience with medical doctors.

We help to heal the root of the problem, and we’ll also be sure to help you understand your injury. When you understand what’s going on, you will be empowered to help your body heal itself.

Sports Injuries

Dr. Fred BenzRunning can lead to foot, knee and hip problems. Even if you’re not a runner, your feet are exposed to a lot of stress. If they’re not cared for properly, they’ll break and can lead to additional knee and hip problems. So it’s vital that they’re in line and working well.

Proper pronation of the feet is vital, so we provide orthotics to help correct your problem. Knee and foot problems are often related, so building a firm foundation from the feet up can do wonders in healing and preventing injuries – especially when it comes to sports.

As an athlete himself, Dr. Benz is very knowledgeable in treating sports injuries. Good chiropractic care keeps Dr. Benz going so he can be an active participant in sports … and life! He doesn’t talk the talk … he walks the walk, too! He explains, “Both my chiropractors are sports people – bodybuilders and into nutrition. We’ll all treat each other. That helps me stay active in running.”

When your structure is good, you function better. It’s simple. It’s natural. Let chiropractic care help you to simply be your best. Contact us today and get back to your active life!

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